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Hello Fantastic Beasts fans!

I'm very excited to present to you today a theory that I've worked up in partnership

with Bestiary, one of the earliest followers of this forum.

Bestiary and I have an idea that we think gets to the heart of the series…and of Albus

and Gellert.

I'm Susan Şipal with Fantastic Secrets Behind Fantastic Beasts to bring you the clues.

Join me and other Fantastic Beasts fans here on the BeastChaser Forum as we uncover the

secrets, discover what's coming first, and play along with Rowling's newest game.

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So today I continue my tradition of presenting a theory in one video and completely contradicting

it in the next.

Well this one won't completely contradict my last, but will alter it dramatically.

Actually, let's say it expands upon it, or digs in even deeper.

I believe I was on the right track with my initial theory about Credence's relationship

to Grindelwald, but didn't go quite far enough.

With the help of Bestiary, this theory on exactly what Credence is and how he was born

is beginning to take shape.

For, as Bestiary says, the biggest question surrounding Credence may not be WHO he is,

but WHAT he is.

As I was getting at before, Credence seems to, in essence, be born of the love between

Gellert and Albus.

I believed he may have been formed from Gellert's lost Obscurus having found a harbor in a Dumbledore

phoenix until he could be reborn.

Bestiary, however, thinks his birth may be even more direct.

She wondered if it were possible…magically… for the two men to have birthed a child together.

I believe alchemy, and Rowling herself in a very slyly planted clue, gives us the answer

to this question.

And the answer is yes.

In the form of the legendary and alchemical Homunculus.

In Latin, homunculus means "little man."

They are perfectly shaped little people who, traditionally, are created fully formed.

The idea existed in folklore but was most prevalent in alchemy where they were created

in the lab.

In fact, Paracelsus, was perhaps the first alchemist to claim to have created a homunculus,

though the concept existed earlier in writings attributed to Plato as well as the Arab medieval

alchemist Jabir ibn Hayyan.

You may remember Paracelsus from Order of the Phoenix.

Nearly Headless Nick warned Harry that Peeves planned to drop a bust of the alchemist on

the next person's head who passed down the corridor.


But I don't need to have a bust dropped on my head to pick up Rowling's next hint.

She hid a key clue to the existence of a homunculus very early in the screenplay with the Chupacabra.

In scene 2, she describes the baby Chupacabra as: "part lizard, part homunculus, a blood-sucking

creature of the Americas."

I found this odd when I first read it because I never heard of a chupacabra as either lizard

or homunculus.

As Grindelwald tosses the beast out the coach window early on, it seems to serve a very

limited purpose.

And yet, it has its own Funko.

A couple of different "recipes" exist in history for how to create a homunculus,

but they are all based on the male sperm rather than the female egg.

Which would be very fitting in the case of Albus and Gellert.

With Paracelsus, he required that the fermenting sperm be placed in pregnant mare manure for

40 days and eventually inside a mare for 40 days.

Perhaps it's no coincidence that the screenplay informs us that Albus and Gellert's blood

pact takes place in a barn.

So perhaps a mare was pregnant…or perhaps, as Bestiary and I both agree, Rowling won't

get that detailed.

By whatever alchemical process Albus and Gellert may have created their homunculus, the process

would seem to be unnatural.

If you will remember in my last video, I showed how the reference to Macduff in Shakespeare's

Macbeth could very well hint at an unnatural birth for Credence.

In fact, when talking about Credence with his Acolytes in Scene 46, Grindelwald says,

"The trail that will lead him to me, and the strange and glorious truth of who he is."

Just being Dumbledore's brother would not be strange.

So there's definitely something odd about his very existence.

And glorious truth would definitely reflect Grindelwald's thoughts on his own creation.

Grindelwald goes on to say "Credence is the only entity alive…who can kill him."


Not person.

The nature of Credence as a human created by these two young gods would open up so many

themes and questions to be explored, some already touched on in the series: experimental

breeding, or eugenics, manipulation of matter via physics, cloning, and perhaps free will,

but also the rights of same sex couples to marry and have children.

In fact, as Bestiary points out, it's possible that the blood pact is in fact a marriage

between Albus and Gellert.

We've seen that alchemy will be a strong part of the film series.

We've explored the possibility that Flamel and Eulalie Hicks hint at an Order of Alchemists

as the forerunner to the Order of the Phoenix.

And the homunculus is based in alchemy.

This image of the creation of a homunculus intrigues me greatly when linked to Credence.

Notice that the child in the alembic is not only winged himself, but is surrounded by

birds, who may be crows or phoenixes.

He also holds a snake in one hand, and, in his other, what appears to be a three-headed

dragon, a symbol related to alchemy and released in the graveyard.

Surrounding the alembic are spoked sunwheels that seem similar to that one we saw in the

Lestrange Family tree.

And the child has golden hair…the golden one.


In the Chymical Wedding of Christian Rosenkreutz, an alchemical work from 1616 linked to the

Rosicrucians, a secret society that Rowling has referenced before, the process of creating

a homunculus is considered even more exalted than chrysopoeia, the work of creating the

Philosopher's Stone.

We've talked about chrysopoeia before, in my video about Perenelle Flamel, who was considered

very skilled in the alchemical work of transforming base metals into gold.

However, creating humans is even more a god-like power.

It is the creation of new life rather than transforming or extending what already existed.

And, as we explored in the last video, we're seeing hints of god-like power already with

Flamel and the Order of the Alchemists.

Perhaps they exist like an ethics board, to keep rogue alchemists, like Gellert and Albus,

from creating human life and upsetting the balance of nature.

If Credence is indeed a homunculus, the name Aurelius, meaning golden one, would be quite

fitting for the alchemy experiment that may both define his beginning…and his end.

Aurelius Grindelwald Dumbledore would be the supreme work of a couple of god-like alchemists,

who as he struggles with his identity, powers, and purpose, will transform from black crow

finally to the golden phoenix of alchemy…Fawkes.

Here are other clues linking Credence to a homunculus created by Albus and Gellert:

As Bestiary says, Credence's adopted name as Barebone would seem oddly fitting for a

lab-created, almost Frankenstein monster.

Irma Dugard, who Credence first thought his biological mother, is a perfectly formed small

person, a hint perhaps at his origins.

Throughout the film, Grindelwald calls Credence "my boy" three times, in almost a paternal


As a homunculus created from both men, Credence would be part Dumbledore, so would be able

to call a phoenix in times of need, answering my doubt about the chick from the last video.

Also, according to Wikipedia, Karl "Jung equates the homunculus with the Philosopher's

Stone, and the "inner person" in parallel with Christ."

I've seen several references in Credence as a Christ-like figure, (which I'll cover

more in a later video), and we know the Philosopher's Stone, especially with Flamel's present,

will be key

My theory of Gellert's Obscurus may still play into this theory.

It is possible that the Obscurus, separated from either Gellert when he found the love

of Albus, or Ariana at her death (though I still doubt she ever had one), would be present

in that barn to attach itself to the fermenting homunculus awaiting its birth.

If so, it's also probable that in the aftermath of the fight, neither Albus or Gellert were

aware that their lab experiment had acquired an Obscurus.

In the end, there must be something about the homunculus that makes him capable of killing


Perhaps, like Frankenstein's monster, he has superhuman powers even beyond that of

the Obscurus.

Indeed many alchemists believed their creations would have certain superior strengths and


Or, perhaps Grindelwald believes Dumbledore would not fight against the son he created.

Or could the blood pact they have made also involved protecting their homunculus?

So many possibilities.

Finally, how did Credence go from the barn to the ship?

This is highly speculative, but I'm wondering if Aberforth will play a crucial role here.

In the days, weeks, months, after Gellert fled the scene following Ariana's death,

might Aberforth have discovered the growing homunculus?

Could he have told Albus it died or he destroyed it?

As we discussed in the last video, the baby Credence in the shipwreck of 1901 would fit

the timeline of a child conceived, or created, at the end of the summer of 1899.

Could Aberforth have entrusted this child, that he looked on in horror, to his own aunt,

or one of his kind neighbor's sisters, to remove as far away from Albus as possible?

After all, Bathilda Bagshot would be Credence's aunt as well.

I'd almost expect that Credence's aunt was Bathilda Bagshot if she hadn't drowned…or

did she?

One problem with this theory – why is Credence not small in stature?

I have a feeling that the answer to this involves Rowling's creativity.

As usual when Rowling brings in existing legends and myths, she transforms them to fit her

own vision.

I don't expect we'd hear the word homunculus ever used in relation to Credence.

Rowling would most likely design her own form of alchemical magic for what Albus and Gellert

did, but this is what she'd be drawing from.

Thanks so much to Bestiary for partnering with me to flesh out this theory.

We're very curious to see what you think.

Are we crazy?

Or do you think it possible Credence is the love child of Albus and Gellert, one created

by the magic of alchemy?

Please, share your thoughts in the comments.

Also, please check out my new Fan Shop on Amazon for books and Funko Pops and wands

and all things Fantastic Beasts!

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